Grab Interest


 As our mission describes, InspireNC strives to promote STEAM education throughout the community through Outreach opportunities. To align with the goals of FIRST and goals of our own, we have opened up to inspire all generations to pursue STEAM education. 

International Impact


 In addition to enriching our local community, InspireNC has expanded its roots by going global! Team members created science curriculums while introducing them to robotics and physics classes at a D.A.V. Public School in India. InspireNC went on to establish four FLL teams in the state of Telangana as well. 



 InspireNC has also brought FIRST to a more local community through the mentoring of both Jr. FLL and FLL teams in the triangle area. Working in association with the American Robotics Academy, we have been able get a chance to bring our experiences to younger children in order to expose them to the world of STEAM.